Factorio S37 - Train Megabase


This Lets Play is focused on transitioning to a train based megabase beyond the first rocket launch.
The focus is on building an aesthetic base operated by a large number of trains operated through the Logistic Train Network (mod). There will be some Quality of Life mods.

This series serves as a tribute to the wonderful people who choose to support me through Patreon.
Each Patreon will get a train named after them and the series will continue for as long as there are Patreons to name trains after:
- Captain of Industry: 1:1 Train
- Robber Baron: 1-2 Train
- Fanatical Devotee: 1-4 Train
If you want to support the channel and get your own Train and a chance to run over Nilaus: https://www.patreon.com/Nilaus

The original base used as the starting point for this series was built as part of the "Train World" series on my YouTube channel:



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Blueprint #40.txt

Blueprint Pavement #40.txt

Save games:

Save games are available to Patreon/YouTube/Twitch Supporters in Discord



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