Product Management

I am currently employed in a large forwarding company as a Senior Manager in our Global IT organisation. I am responsible for all software development and operations for our Road based transportation in Europe. This means all software supporting 20,000 trucks on the road every day and 10,000 people in the offices and terminals.

The department consists all functions in IT expect Infrastructure: Solution Architecture, Product Management, Test Management, Change Management, Agile Development, and 2nd and 3rd level Support.

We are the central organisation of the transformational programme for the Road Division. To support the transformation we are passionately pursuing Agile methodologies, Lean philosophies and DevOps principles.


Logistics nerd

Master of Science in Engineering, Specialised in Transport and Logistics from Technical University of Denmark

Masters Thesis at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Executive MBA, Master of Management of Technology from Technical University of Denmark

PRINCE2 Practitioner



Continuous improvement

I am always curious to learn something new and apply it in my life. I spend my daily commute listening to podcasts and audiobooks to learn new and interesting things.

Main topics are within Business, Management, Development and Psychology.

I always strive for continual improvement and although things can be "good enough" today, they will need to be improved tomorrow.