Who am I

My name is Nilaus. I am a full-time Content Creator on YouTube & TwitchI am a 40-something, I live in Denmark near Copenhagen with my 2 kids.


Games I play favor thought and optimization over reaction. Generally the games fall into 2 distinct categories:

  • Factory simulation: Focus on optimisation, crisp designs and large scale (e.g. Factorio, Satisfactory, Dyson Sphere Program)

  • Action RPG: Focus on the difficulty, story and setting (e.g. God of War, Sekiro, Elden Ring)

My prior life

Before going full-time I had a career in IT and Management in the Transportation industry.

Some random information, that may explain my play style and interests

  • Managed an IT department with 40 employees responsible (product management, architecture, development and support)

  • Not a developer, but have worked with developers my entire career

  • Master of Science, Engineering specialised in Transport and Logistics

  • Executive MBA in Innovation and Technology


Best place to reach me is through Discord: Nilaus Discord Server alternatively on Twitter

Business inquires (sponsorships and game keys) by email