Dyson Sphere Program - S4 Achievement Challenge

Game Blueprints:

Make Everything HUB

Galactic Cross-Docking Planet

1M Hash/sec:

Redesigning Refractionator:

Critical Photons + Antimatter:

Planetary Science:

White 🔳 Science (37.5 / sec):

Green🟩 Planetary Science (30 / sec):

Purple 🟪 Planetary Science (30 / sec):

Blue🟦/Red🟥/Yellow🟨 Planetary Science (30 / sec):

Small Carrier Rockets:


Quantum Chips (Megabase)

Modular Designs of Critical Components

End game Smelting 1-1

Particle Container / Electric Motor:

Plane Filter / Particle Broadband:

Polar Hub + Exchanger (expansion planets)

Self-balanced Exchanger

Self-Proliferator (early game)

Electric Motor

Electromagnetic Turbine


Proliferator MK2

Purple Science

Quantum Chips

Green Science

Planetary Overview:

Planetary Overview (Google Doc)

Mecha Blueprints:

Nilaus Mecha:

Designed by BakedBeans (recolored by Nilaus)

Dyson Sphere Blueprints:

TegirVaru Star:

Designed by TegirVaru

sgt.dubious Star:


Designed by Everlist

Kammy Star:

Designed by Everlist

Natzar Star:

Designed by Nilaus

Save Games:

Save games are available to Patreon supporters or “Protector” rank or higher

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