Factorio Self-Expanding Base


Create a base in Factorio that can expand automatically without any user input based on performance of the existing base using the minimum necessary amount of Mods

Features & Tasks

Replicating City Blocks
Algorithm to identify location of next City Block
Design City Block (trains/roboports/power)
Ability to call the function externally to create 1 more City Block
Main Decision loop
Create City Block first
Identify what City Block is needed
Call function to place decided City Block
Define list of all possible City Blocks to create
Create a Test function for debugging and validation
Identifying global supply/Demand
Design City Blocks


Design Limitations

These are sought eliminated as the base matures

  • No Water

  • No Cliffs

  • Infinite Power

  • No reources gathering (mining/pumping)

  • Always resources to build what is needed

Design Constraints

These are decisions that are unlikely to change

  • Logistics by Train - using Train Limits

  • Train size: 1-2

  • Construction with robots with a single robo-network

  • City Block structure for easy replicability